Biweekly Book Review: From a Certain Point of View – The Empire Strikes Back

Another new release! And within a week no less! The hype surrounding this book was high. I remember the months when people speculated that “Project Luminous”, now known as The High Republic, was a codename for this book. Isn’t it nice that we got both instead? Unlike the first instalment where I had no ideaContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: From a Certain Point of View – The Empire Strikes Back”

Biweekly Book Review: From a Certain Point of View

Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure this is the first canon Star Wars book I picked up. My first Star Wars book period, if we’re not counting novelizations. Back then, I had no idea who 99% of the authors on the cover were. I only bought it because I’d heard Meg Cabot, a bookshelfContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: From a Certain Point of View”

Biweekly Book Review: Legends of Luke Skywalker

I LOVED this book. What is it about these Luke Skywalker books that always surprise me? Could it be that deep down I actually like the character, but have instead just come to resent the weird, self-insert sway he holds over many a fanboy? Very possible. This sweet farm kid from Tatooine who shoulders anContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Legends of Luke Skywalker”

Biweekly Book Review: Canto Bight

From the beginning of the timeline, we’re now jumping all the way to the end. I wish there was some kind of cool meta reason for it, but honestly it’s just because of the anthologies remaining, this was the shortest. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting! The lousy, beautiful town of Canto BightContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Canto Bight”

Biweekly Book Review: Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark

New territory today! It’s time to tackle the anthologies, and hopefully be able to review From A Certain Point Of View: The Empire Strikes Back right when it comes out. Remember last time I set a goal for myself and I missed it by 4.5 months? Good times. We’re going to have a bit ofContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark”

Biweekly Book Review: Black Spire

I cannot believe it. I truly can’t believe it. We’ve finally made it to the end of the adult/YA canon timeline. Remember back when I thought I’d be able to get here in June? Cute… Last time we looked at Crash of Fate, a YA romance novel that set up Black Spire Outpost from anContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Black Spire”

Biweekly Book Review: A Crash of Fate

Welcome, welcome everyone! Today we’re travelling through the galaxy far, far away all the way down to Disneyla- I mean…Black Spire Outpost. To celebrate the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (at both Disneyland and Disney World, book your tickets once the pandemic is over and it’s safe to do so!) Lucasfilm released two tie-inContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: A Crash of Fate”

Biweekly Book Review: Resistance Reborn

I was given this book by my brother for Christmas. I read it for the first time in August. I literally could not bring myself to read a buildup to the Rise of Skywalker knowing how much that movie broke my heart. What made it worse was knowing that this book was supposed to beContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Resistance Reborn”

Biweekly Book Review: Phasma

Y’all. Today we’re going dark. We’re diving into the heart of the First Order, into everything that makes it tick, but also into into its seedy underbelly. Overall I found this book deeply unsettling. This may have a lot to do with the fact that the author describes the more horrific parts of the storyContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Phasma”

Biweekly Book Review: Thrawn Ascendency: Chaos Rising

If you remember back to my original Thrawn Trilogy reviews, at the end of the day my conclusion was that they were OK. Not my favourites, but they didn’t make me want to pound my head against the wall, and frankly that’s a win in my book. As I wrapped my review up, I alsoContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Thrawn Ascendency: Chaos Rising”