Arezou is “omg so funny”, or so everyone says. She is an aspiring TV writer whose previous jobs have included everything from a super-long retail stint to teaching to working as an on-set PA. She is also an avid traveler

She is a graduate of the Second City Sketch Writing program, and has also had a script place at the Austin Film Festival. She founded her company Rebel Key Productions with the aim of producing her own material.

Arezou is a life-long geek, a condition she inherited from her parents. She grew up having to wait years between Harry Potter books and will take every opportunity to tell kids these days just how lucky they are that they don’t have to wait for any of it. Nowadays, the primary focus of her geekery is all things Star Wars, and her tendency to ramble about the minutiae of it at family parties is probably starting to wear on everybody.

When she isn’t writing, you can find her researching her next trip or trying to teach herself a new skill, which at the moment is costume sewing.

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