The Year of Kenobi: Jedi Apprentice #17: The Only Witness

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The Story

It’s been a while since Tahl’s death and while Obi-Wan is keen to move forward, Qui-Gon is still brooding and closed-off over it. If only this poor boy knew just how much sadness he has ahead in his future that will haunt him forever.

The two of them are sent on a new mission to the world of Frego to rescue a woman named Lena Cobral, who married into the Cobral crime family that rule the planet, and is keen to inform on their shady activities, especially since her husband was murdered for trying to do the same thing. The two Jedi are sent to escort her to Coruscant, only to find out she doesn’t actually have any evidence on her, and she still needs to track it down.

Thoughts and Impressions

OK so I went into this one thinking it would be ridiculously special or earth-shattering. Why? Because while I could buy the other 19 books in the series used for $3-$8 dollars each, this one cost me a whopping $35. And that was the cheapest, with some places selling it for $50+. I realize this probably just means they printed less of them but still. I had my hopes up for a second there.

I like it when Star Wars is gritty mafia drama, but I also realize that was asking a bit much for a series aimed at readers this young. Still, I cannot help but wonder what could have been in another version of this story, perhaps aimed at older readers. Especially one that retains the idea of Obi-Wan crushing on the mafia widow, and wondering how this is affecting him.

I also like that they touch oil the idea of Qui-Gon’s grief likely following him around for the rest of his life — which, granted, will not be much longer. But the idea that pain doesn’t stop after a certain amount of time, and rather its just the quality of pain that changes? Very thoughtful, I think.

What’s Next?

Once again, I have no idea where all this is going. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon have patched things up for good, and we only have one more book before the two “super specials” so I imagine it’ll be another one-off adventure.


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