The Year of Kenobi: Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #2: The Followers

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The Story

Somehow, the Sith have returned.

In this last installment in the series, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are tasked with following up on whispers that a professor, Dr. Murk Lundi, might be a Sith acolyte, or at the very least might know something about them. The master and apprentice pursue Lundi across the galaxy to the alleged location of a Sith Holocron. It turns out it is there, but they do not manage to get their hands on it before the artifact drives Lundi to madness.

Ten years later, the Sith are still very much a threat, and Obi-Wan and Anakin must once again pursue the Holocron, this time with Lundi’s help.

Thoughts and Impressions

This final installment of the series…does not exactly feel like a grand finale. If anything, it feels like a launching point for the spin-off series, Jedi Quest. Obviously, we know the Sith threat isn’t exactly going to be resolved in these books when its the entire source of tension in the prequel trilogy. But it’s still frustrating to reach what was billed as the finale of the series – so I know it wasn’t just abruptly cancelled – and not feel a sense of closure. If anything, Deceptions felt more like a conclusive ending than this did.

All that said, I am beyond happy I read this series. It made me feel closer and have a deeper appreciation for my favourite Star Wars character. It oddly made me understand some canon stories better as well. Would I recommend it? If you can get your hands on it, absolutely.

What’s Next?

Convincing myself I don’t need to buy and read the Jedi Quest series, that’s what’s next. I can’t believe this little Year of Kenobi project has come to an end, and I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with me.


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