Doing My Part to Stay Engaged

That’s right, we’re getting political.

Because Star Wars is political. Pop culture is political. Any piece of media is a product of the time in which is was created, and that extends to the politics of the time as well. We can enjoy the media for what it is, we can love the villainous characters in the stories, but we cannot and should not ignore the very real fight for justice happening in our world today. If I sat here waxing poetic about the Rebel Alliance, but failed to give my attention, time, platform and (when possible) money to the people and the causes trying to change our world for the better, then I should hang up my cosplay Jedi robes forever, because I would have spectacularly missed the point.

Going forward, each of my posts will now come paired with links and information on organizations currently in need of community support. To keep things interesting and varied, if a book I’m reviewing fits naturally with a certain organization, I will pair the two together. I will also keep a master list of every organization I spotlight, which you can find here.

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