Welcome to the blog!

Not gonna lie, I’m a little scared.

It’s not the writing itself that’s got me scared. That part is fine.

It’s remembering to update this semi-regularly. I’ve started and abandoned blogs before, so I’m hoping by putting this out there I’ll keep myself accountable (watch me abandon this in 2 weeks HA)

But in the meantime, speaking of scary, Happy Halloween! I love a good holiday, and any opportunity to dress up!

That’s General Organa, to you

Honestly, I don’t love the scary side of this particular holiday. Like you will NEVER see me at any of the haunted maze things. I’m more into the cutesy-spooky side, and I love the opportunity to dress up. This tendency is only going to get worse since I’ve recently discovered a love of making my own costumes, like my Rey costume from this past weekend:

But that’s a topic for another post!

In the meantime, welcome readers! The last time I had a blog (well…a blog I updated more than twice that is) was so long ago, I’ve kind of forgotten how all this webpage format stuff goes. So if something looks a little off, it may take some time, but it’ll get fixed! Don’t judge me!

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