Biweekly Book Review: Lost Stars

This is it. The big one. Whenever people are asked to speculate on what they want to see in a Star Wars movie, there are always at least a few people that call for a movie version of this. It’s time for a tale of star-crossed lovers, of tested loyalty and questioned motivation. Yes, myContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Lost Stars”

Biweekly Book Review: Tarkin

We’re taking things back, all the way back to fall 2014, when Disney was starting to put out the first of their canon books. The first few, naturally, tied into the then-new Star Wars Rebels. But the first non-Rebels novel for adults to be released was James Luceno’s Tarkin, which I’m sure you’ve noticed isContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Tarkin”

Biweekly Book Review: Lords of the Sith

Today’s review is a slight departure from form in that this is the first time I’ve ever read this book, so I haven’t had months to reflect on the plot like I have with the others. That said, let’s jump into Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp. I admit I put this oneContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Lords of the Sith”

Biweekly Book Review: Catalyst

For a film as action-packed and war-movie-esque as Rogue One, it’s strange that the prequel novel would feel more like a prestige TV political thriller character study. Or maybe it makes perfect sense. Let’s take a look at Catalyst by James Luceno. *Spoilers Below* The Story It’s hard to give a straightforward summary of theContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Catalyst”

Biweekly Book Review: Ahsoka

As quickly as we started, we now start to wind down on the Clone Wars era. Without further ado, let’s dive into Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston. *spoilers below* The Story A year after the Siege of Mandalore and Order 66, Ahsoka Tano is alone and hiding from the Empire. She chooses the Outer Rim farmingContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Ahsoka”

Biweekly Book Review: Dark Disciple

Just in time for the Siege of Mandalore arc, we move away from the golden years of the Prequel era and dive headfirst into the Clone Wars. First up, Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. *Spoilers Below* I will admit that despite watching the entirety of The Clone Wars twice through, I still feel out ofContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Dark Disciple”

Biweekly Book Review: Queen’s Shadow

I am a child of the ’90s. While I had seen the original Star Wars movies, it wasn’t until The Phantom Menace that I got to see a Star Wars story in theatres. It wasn’t until then that I became interested in reading a Star Wars book (my much loved and very battered copy ofContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Queen’s Shadow”

Biweekly Book Review: Master and Apprentice

I realize now that by publishing my last review in the middle of the week, I set myself up for a schedule I can’t possibly follow. Oops. But now it’s Monday. New week, new me. Let’s try and keep things on track here with the first review of the week: Master and Apprentice by ClaudiaContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Master and Apprentice”

Biweekly Book Review: Dooku: Jedi Lost

In my last post, I mentioned that the boredom was starting to set in. I also mentioned that said boredom might lead me to start reviewing the books on my shelf. Well, this is that. As I mentioned on my Instagram earlier this week, the first round of reviews will be courtesy of my StarContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Dooku: Jedi Lost”

Adventures in Cosplay – Rey’s Battle Outfit

This is it folks. The big one. The reason I wanted to learn to sew in the first place. Ok no, seriously. As the title of this post suggests, this is about my attempts at building Rey’s Battle Outfit: My original intention was to have this done in time for Halloween 2019 (!), but IContinue reading “Adventures in Cosplay – Rey’s Battle Outfit”