Biweekly Book Review: Aftermath

Well, kids. We’re here. We’ve transitioned out of the late Original Trilogy timeline and have moved into the early Sequel Trilogy timeline. I realize the next three books take place almost concurrently with the Alphabet Squadron trilogy, so why is it that I mark this as the transition period? While the Alphabet books, in myContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Aftermath”

Biweekly Book Review: Doctor Aphra

What’s this? A book review coming out the same week the book was published? Shocking. I didn’t realize until I came to write this review how much I rely on having a written copy of whatever book I’m talking about to refer back to for everything from plot points to the spelling of characters names.Continue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Doctor Aphra”

Biweekly Book Review: Shadow Fall

We’ve hit a bit of a milestone today. This is the first series I’ve read for the Biweekly Book Review that is still ongoing. So when the book ended on a cliffhanger, naturally I screamed. It’ll be really interesting to revisit this chunk of the galaxy next year, when the third book comes out. InContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Shadow Fall”

Biweekly Book Review: Alphabet Squadron

Well, would you look at that? Another book that got DNF’d (this time only once). In fairness, I tried to read it at a point in my life where I was really preoccupied with other things, and it wound up taking me 2 months to get through the book on my second attempt. This isContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Alphabet Squadron”

Biweekly Book Review: Heir to the Jedi

When I first read this book last year, it didn’t leave much of an impression. I remembered that it was the only book featuring Luke Skywalker as more than a cameo, and I remember craving noodles while reading for some reason. But other than that I don’t remember enjoying it much. Well, I am hereContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Heir to the Jedi”

Biweekly Book Review: Battlefront: Twilight Company

Hoooooo boy. This book. I DNF’d (Did Not Finish) this book twice last year. That’s right. Twice. However, I said I would read all the books, so here we are. Before we start, in honour of a certain author running her mouth again, today’s community resource is this very helpful carrd containing petitions focused onContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Battlefront: Twilight Company”

Biweekly Book Review: Battlefront II: Inferno Squad

Today’s review is a little different, or the content is anyway. Where in earlier reviews, I would refer back to the movies, today I will be referring primarily back to a video game. I am talking, as you may have guessed by the title, about Battlefront II (2017). This book also marks a shift forContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Battlefront II: Inferno Squad”

Biweekly Book Review: Queen’s Peril

We interrupt our forward momentum within the Star Wars timeline to bring you a new release! But first, community support! Because this book is about Padmé and her election to Queen of Naboo, I would like to spotlight the organization “Equal Voice“. This is one for my fellow Canadians. As we strive for lasting changeContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Queen’s Peril”

Biweekly Book Review: Thrawn: Treason

Happy Sunday, readers! Today’s Community Involvement Resource is this page on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. From famine to war, an epidemic and a pandemic all at once, the conditions there are truly horrific. The page contains resources to learn more about what is happening there, petitions that need signing, and places to donate andContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Thrawn: Treason”

Biweekly Book Review: Thrawn: Alliances

Welcome back to Biweekly Book Reviews! As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going include a link to a community organization that needs support in each of my posts, so lets’s kick it off with that. We’re going to start off easy. This one will cost you nothing but time. Here is a listContinue reading “Biweekly Book Review: Thrawn: Alliances”