Learning to Sew – May the Force be with me

Whenever I go to a convention, or some kind of fan event, or even when I see people posting about them on social media, I always admire the cosplay.

My approach to cosplay as usually been a little more “free-form”, rather than screen-accurate. Take, for example my “Hogwarts Student”, which I love wearing whenever I can

I can’t remember what exactly motivated me to step it up from this to something alittle more screen-accurate (and a lot more labour intensive). But this past summer, I bought myself a vest pattern so I could make Rey’s Ach-To outfit from The Last Jedi for Halloween.

There was just one problem. I had no idea where to start. I had never used a pattern, I had a vague idea how sewing machines worked, I didn’t know what a bobbin or interfacing was. My biggest rookie mistake was buying my pattern based on dress size rather than measurements. It wasn’t until I got back to Canada, where they no longer carry Simplicity patterns that I realized I needed the next size up. One online order later, I now had 2 versions of the same pattern, only one of which was usable, but as least I was ready to go! Or was I?

The cutting directions made a little sense, but not enough that I felt confident enough to start. And what are all these words they’re using in the instructions? Baste? Slip-stitch? I could probably just Google it but I had now left this so long that if I didn’t get it together soon I was going to find myself celebrating Halloween with no costume to speak of.

Lost and confused, I called in the big guns: my cousins grandmother.

Over 4 days, in sessions from 2-8 hours she helped me take an indecipherable pattern and make something wearable out of it, making sure I did most of the work myself. By the time she sent me away, 2 days before the Halloween party, I was pretty confident in my new skills, and feeling ready to take on a new challenge.

When buying my vest pattern, I remembered that before the release of The Force Awakens my brother and I had talked about going to the movie dressed in full Jedi robes.

It didn’t happen then, nor did it happen at any subsequent Star Wars movie.

But with the Skywalker Saga coming to an end this December, I figured if we were ever going to do that, now is definitely the time. So I bought the entire bolt of Coffee Brown wool from Fabricland, dug out the other pattern I bought on my trip to the States, and set out to make not one but two robes in time for the Rise of Skywalker premiere.

My initial thought was to include that process in this post. But as I took notes on what I wanted to include, the list started to get longer and longer. So stay tuned for this weekend for a more detailed look at that particular adventure. May the Force Be With You!

Writing Wednesdays

If you know me at all, you know there’s nothing I like better than a schedule.

So from now on, Wednesdays posts will be writing focused. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me time in the mornings to work on my own projects, and I am going to keep myself accountable and on top of my work (instead of online shopping for the 3rd time this morning) by reporting back here.

That said, where am I now? I’ve just finished the first draft of a pilot, which of course now means my head is absolutely flooded with ideas for completely unrelated projects. I’m telling myself that I have to get through the next draft of the pilot before I’m allowed to touch any of those ideas but they’re just…so…tempting… *sigh* maybe just one little outline? NO! Focus!

On that note, more updates soon. But for now, this script won’t edit itself (sadly).

I hate running

I have never liked running, but I do it anyway.

Back in high school, in a drama class assignment, we had to memorize and present a comedic monologue. A friend of mine chose one about a woman trying to get her life together by exercising more. The one line I’ll never forget is when she said that her attempt at running left her “in a ditch, coughing out my kidney”. It’s been years, and this line is still pretty damn relatable.

So with that in mind, why do I bother running? Surely there’s something else I could be doing instead? Something that doesn’t make me contemplate every choice I have ever made in life and wonder how those choices got me to this point, huffing and puffing in drizzly, early-morning near-freezing temperatures. Nodding and smiling at my neighbours like “this is fine, please don’t call the paramedics, my face is always this red”.

The reason is this: over the summer, in a fit of overconfidence in my own ability, I signed up to run a 5K this coming spring. That may not sound like much to people who run regularly, but I’ve never run consistently outside of gym class. I alternate between thinking that the distance is “nothing at all, no sweat, it’s fine”, and “oh no what have I done?”.

The run is far away enough that I have enough time to train myself. This is all going to seem so funny by this time next year, when I’ve signed up for a 10K or something equally out of character. For now, I do have some stuff to look forward to, beyond the athletic achievement of it all. A friend of mine is coming with me to cheer me on, and we’re even making a little trip out of it!

So from now till then….wish me luck!

Welcome to the blog!

Not gonna lie, I’m a little scared.

It’s not the writing itself that’s got me scared. That part is fine.

It’s remembering to update this semi-regularly. I’ve started and abandoned blogs before, so I’m hoping by putting this out there I’ll keep myself accountable (watch me abandon this in 2 weeks HA)

But in the meantime, speaking of scary, Happy Halloween! I love a good holiday, and any opportunity to dress up!

That’s General Organa, to you

Honestly, I don’t love the scary side of this particular holiday. Like you will NEVER see me at any of the haunted maze things. I’m more into the cutesy-spooky side, and I love the opportunity to dress up. This tendency is only going to get worse since I’ve recently discovered a love of making my own costumes, like my Rey costume from this past weekend:

But that’s a topic for another post!

In the meantime, welcome readers! The last time I had a blog (well…a blog I updated more than twice that is) was so long ago, I’ve kind of forgotten how all this webpage format stuff goes. So if something looks a little off, it may take some time, but it’ll get fixed! Don’t judge me!